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Is your little one a hot or sweaty sleeper?


Your sweaty tot may be experiencing sleep disturbances caused by temperature fluctuations (sweat followed by chill) and discomfort caused by damp bedding. Using patented technologies proven to help night sweaters, our bedding will help sweaty tots sleep comfortably all night long.

Advanced Patented Technologies

Reduce Sweating
With Outlast® Heat Management Technology


When overheating occurs, heat is released to cool the body resulting in sweat. Outlast® Technology prevents heat and sweat from building up by absorbing and storing the heat radiating from the body. By proactively managing heat, Outlast® Technology controls the production of sweat BEFORE it begins.



Originally developed to help NASA astronauts withstand large temperature fluctuations in space, Outlast® Technology is a Certified Space Technology and an inductee in the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame. If it can work for astronauts in outer space, it can work for your sweaty tot!

Stay Dry
With drirelease® Moisture Wicking Technology


Sleeping on damp bedding soaked with sweat is not only uncomfortable, but causes chills. With a patented blend of hydrophobic (water repelling) and hydrophilic (water absorbing) cotton fibers, drirelease® Cotton fabric is able to pull sweat away from the skin and quickly release it into the air where it dries 4x faster than cotton!



For over 20 years, drirelease® has been a leader in performance fabrics used by hundreds of the world's most respected brands like Nike®, The North Face®, Eddie Bauer®, etc. Now, this proven sweat wicking technology can help your sweaty tot stay dry, fresh, and comfortable throughout the night.

Lots of Happy Tots!

No more sweat soaked sheets!

"My DD gets really sweaty when she sleeps, particularly on her head. She usually wakes up with her hair all wet and her crib sheet soaked through. Ever since we started using the Sweaty Tots crib mattress protector and crib sheet, we haven't had any problems with sweaty naps or nights."

The technology really works!

"I love this pillow! My son was always waking up with his hair all sweaty and I always felt so bad for him. This pillow has completely stopped that and I really believe it's helping him sleep through the night! Not once has he woken up with a sweaty head ever since we started using this miracle pillow. Amazing! "

Sweat-free son and father too!

"My son is a sweaty sleeper, just like me. My wife purchased both the pillow and pillowcase for our son and it worked like a charm. I purchased another set (the high loft / travel pillow version) hoping it'd work for me too and, wouldn't you know it, I'm sweat free for the first time in 40 years!"